Friday, January 30, 2015

Bullied When Does It Stop

I was just thinking about people that get picked on and how hard it is for them, I know how it feels since I was Bullied when I was young, people get bullied for many different reasons, some are bullied because of  there race, or they are ugly to others, or they are poor, or they do not just fit in to what others think they should. I was made fun of not because I was ugly but because I was poor and of mixed race. Kids made fun of the way I dressed because my parents could only afford clothes that where not in fashion, they made fun of me because of my race. I didn't have much friends growing up the only real friend I had in school was my sister. Now that I have grown up you would think that you would not get bullied any more but it happens all the time in the work place it is just like school all over again, people can be so mean to others. If only people would not alway judge others all the time this would be a better place. I got over the bullying by not worrying about what other say I had to believe in my self and not worry about any thing people said to me, I knew who I was and no matter what they would say it could not hurt me. I always would say who are they? how are they better then me? what makes them the boss over how I feel? If we sit back and listen to everyone then it will hurt but if we stand up and say I don't care what you say or do I know who I am and I love who I am no one is more important then I am, no one can tell you who or what you are but you.
My own kids were bullied at school and they would come home and ask why do people make fun of me and I would tell them that most people that bully you are just insecure about them self's and think that picking on others will help them, I would ask my kids who are they?are they better then you?and they would answer no and I would say then why do you care what they say they are nobody to make fun of you and they would tell me they understand and it helped them not go thru so of the things that I went thru because I let people get to me in till I was grown and came to realize it.